A Portal to Global Citizenship and Female Solidarity.


Hi, I'm Yuma Yonezawa-Treguer.

I'm filthy rich and I'd like to share my wealth with you. Please don't ask me for money because I don't have any to give away yet but, let me share the success stories and the struggles of diverse women I've met around the world. They are the ones who gave me the keys to my Global Citizenship and I cannot thank them more. I'd also like to share everything concerning womanhood in the most honest way possible because we need to know about ourselves if we are going to roll up our sleeves and make our global society progress. We may not share the same culture, but we are women, we are human, and these are enough reasons to come together.  Fighting for equality is a global mission, we need to consolidate our solidarity internationally. Let's embrace diversity and become happy and successful bunch. Please feel welcome to share your stories too.

Sincerely yours,